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Shape Up Kickboxing Duluth GA | One effective way to reach any goal, whether it’s for fitness or other personal goals, is to be accountable. Staying accountable is a way for us to show ownership of our decisions, and in ways, establishes our commitment. It also pushes and encourages us to do our best everyday. By finding different ways to be accountable, we can sharpen our focus and make incredible progress toward our goals.

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Ways to Make yourself Accountable

1) Create smaller goals to reach your bigger goals

Have you ever started a goal with lots of energy and then stopped when it disappeared? Part of making goals is to find the best course of actions to reach them. By setting smaller goals, it allows you to gradually progress with guided steps. Plus, goals tend to look smaller and more manageable when we can reach mini progress markers.

2) Make the Lists You Create Visible

If you’re into lists, or maybe you’re going to try them, place them to where you can see them. Whether it’s somewhere on your desk, desktop, or scribbles on the bathroom mirror, seeing your goals all the time increases your focus and reminds us how important they are.

3) Reward Yourself for Your Hard Work

Don’t destroy your hard work, but find healthy ways to reward yourself. For instance, if you’re working out 3-5 times a week, downing the hundreds of calories from fast food isn’t the way to go. Instead, you might buy a new outfit to reward yourself for sticking to your fitness regimen. This is a way to feel great in your new confidence without sabotaging your progress.

4) Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

When approaching a new goal, identify how your strengths could be used to your advantage, but also acknowledge the weaknesses that may interfere. Maybe you have to hide things, but you could also find ways to improve your weaknesses. For example, if you’re starting a new workout regimen with a targeted weight in mind, you may choose a proactive step to help curb your love for junk food. As a result, you stop buying junk food at the grocery store and stock up on healthier snacks instead. Our weaknesses don’t have to be our goal’s defeat.

5) Ask Good Friends

Don’t hesitate to ask for help! Asking a trusted friend or two to help keep you accountable can be the encouragement needed.

At Shape Up Kickboxing, the fellow kickboxers and awesome instructors make a wonderful community! We help each other stay accountable on our health goals while being in great company. Especially with fitness goals, it can be hard to motivate ourselves everyday. Having positive, supportive people in your life makes the experience different when trying to reach goals.

In fact, one of our awesome Kickboxers gave an amazing testimony on The Power of an Accountability Buddy!

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Becoming good at reaching goals isn’t an easy task, but finding ways to stay on top of them through accountability will go a long way. It’s easier to skip a day, take long breaks, and quit than to develop longevity toward our goals. Especially on the bad days, that’s when having solid strategies will be the most useful. If all else fails, having an amazing community of friends to help you stay accountable will work the best everytime.

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