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From the very beginning, our goal to make fitness kickboxing a fun, accessible workout in our communities was so that we could help people achieve their goals.

Exercising and becoming healthy are some of life's most challenging journeys, and we want to be there for our kickboxers. Below, you will see some of our kickboxers' success stories, and we hope they inspire you the way everyone here inspires us!

—facebook reviews—

This kickboxing program is fantastic! High energy, variety in the workout, knowledgeable staff, and a welcoming environment. A+ 🙌🏆

Jim Facebook Review

Shape up kickboxing is the best place to be for your workout routine. The staff is amazing, fun and friendly. The vibe is very much positive and inclusive. The trainers are awesome and genuinely care about you. They will push you to get better and yet keep it fun. It does not matter what stage you are at before you begin, this place will help you get better every day. Very soon you will be looking forward to getting more and more of your kickboxing sessions in with your new found friends here! Highly recommend it !

Prashant Facebook Review

Great workout with awesome staff! They are full of energy and help everyone achieve their potential. I have recommended them to many of my friends and they love it too! Kickboxing rocks and they do too!

Anu Facebook Review

Such an incredible place! Stress relief while getting an education on how to control my inner self and impulses. 🙌🏻 10/10

Melissa Facebook Review

—Google reviews—

Chelsea Google Review

I have been coming for almost a month now to kickboxing and I love it! Everyone is friendly, helpful and inspirational. This is one of the best workout experiences I’ve ever had. My husband comes for kickboxing and HapKiDo and he loves it too! The kickboxing has been a great couples activity for us. Definitely worth every penny.

Alton Google Review

This is a very organized yet intimate establishment. I am a military veteran and I sometimes long for combat understanding and synchronicity. Instructor PJ is a very knowledgeable and skilled martial arts instructor that knows the technique. I find myself very excited to attend both kickboxing and Hapkido in my free time at this establishment.

Che'Isha Google Review

Love Love Love this place! I honestly think I will be a forever member. PJ is the kickboxing instructor and he pushes me to be the very best I could be, even if I’m not feeling myself and I’ve fell off my diet over the weekend, he pushes me but let’s me go at MY maximum pace. Not only that, but it’s completely safe, everything is social distanced, and the instructor has a mask on. Also, I’m a plus size girl, so I was fairly unsure about coming and a little fearful on how I was going to look, and how others may judge me, but the other members that I am training with are so helpful and supportive and it’s really a judgement free zone. So far, I’ve lost 5 pounds in my first 2 weeks, but not only have I been training, but I’ve been eating right and drinking water as well. I hope to post pictures of my before and after In another month! I definitely would recommend ❤️

Magdalena Google Review

This place is awesome!!! Talk about great workouts! They're always fun and definitely never boring. Great people to push you and keep you accountable not to mention the instructor is the bomb!!! Give it a try, I garauntee you won't regret it!!!

Stacey Google Review

This is a great place to get a solid, fun workout every time. The owners and trainers are professional and work hard to make sure you can work at your level to improve your fitness and feel a sense of community. I had never tried kickboxing before, but I am athletic. I tried kickboxing when I was looking for a place for my son to do martial arts and felt that it is one of the best workouts I can get and extreme good for stress relief. Then a friend of mine who has no recent experience working out tried it, and she loved it too. I’m looking forward to getting to the next level in my fitness and expanding my friend circle. If you’re thinking of trying it, you should absolutely give it a go, there’s nothing to lose!

Ripley Google Review

Such a fun way to stay in shape and get stronger!! I LOVE the energy of every class, it keeps me moving and motivated! I am so glad it is a part of my fitness routine!!

Micala Designation

These guys are Amazing! Class was always such a fun time but also helped you learn and grow. I had recently had my son and been in a car accident and they were so understanding and able to work with me to gain strength and smile while doing it. I never left class without a smile and laughter! I wish I could still go kickboxer with them but I moved. I promise you won’t regret giving them a try! I miss you guys!!!

Stephen Google Review

The entire thing is excellent: workout, instructors, support, facility, experience, and most importantly I feel like a million bucks when I'm done! So much fun!

Kris Google Review

This is a great place to start a healthy habit. i started few years ago and i also got my wife join me doing kickboxing. this is the only exercise she likes doing (i can tell by the way she punches me on the glove rounds). the instructors are really great motivators and the program works.



It just made me feel better. I felt like a lump on a log otherwise. It got me to get my blood pumping and get out to do something.

The instructors pick on me a lot, and they just make it really fun. They get in your face, they challenge you. It’s really fun.


It kept me sane inside. When I wasn’t working, I needed something to do. And when I couldn’t get to the classes I did before, I went back and did the ones previously.

Cause it keeps me motivated, fit, and I get cool shirts like this!


I wanted to lose about 10 pounds and more I wanted to shape up.

I sleep better at night. I feel more rested. I’m energized. I irritate people as is, but I have more energy now than I ever did- to bother even more people!


The instructors are very supportive and helpful. I have never done kickboxing before, and was worried about hurting myself, using the wrong form. But everybody was very supportive and making sure that you’re doing everything properly, so there’s less chance of injury.

I would most definitely encourage it!


It’s much better! I have better endurance. I have more energy, and I’m beginning to lose some weight, and I’m getting some definition in my arms and legs. And that’s a good thing!

Everybody is so nice! From the beginning. You’re accepted, everybody’s friendly, and everybody’s here to do kickboxing and to have fun.


When I first walked in, I thought it was easy. But I was wrong. I had sweat all over my face. I truly enjoy it!

I like that it’s a positive atmosphere. So everyone’s encouraging each other to keep going. I just like the positive.

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