Fitness Jefferson Georgia



Alton Designation

This is a very organized yet intimate establishment. I am a military veteran and I sometimes long for combat understanding and synchronicity. Instructor PJ is a very knowledgeable and skilled martial arts instructor that knows the technique. I find myself very excited to attend both kickboxing and Hapkido in my free time at this establishment.

Che'Isha Designation

Love Love Love this place! I honestly think I will be a forever member. PJ is the kickboxing instructor and he pushes me to be the very best I could be, even if I’m not feeling myself and I’ve fell off my diet over the weekend, he pushes me but let’s me go at MY maximum pace. Not only that, but it’s completely safe, everything is social distanced, and the instructor has a mask on. Also, I’m a plus size girl, so I was fairly unsure about coming and a little fearful on how I was going to look, and how others may judge me, but the other members that I am training with are so helpful and supportive and it’s really a judgement free zone. So far, I’ve lost 5 pounds in my first 2 weeks, but not only have I been training, but I’ve been eating right and drinking water as well. I hope to post pictures of my before and after In another month! I definitely would recommend ❤️

Christina Designation

Great instructor, motivating and very personable. I enjoyed my kickboxing classes so much I signed my daughter and sister up! The bonus is they offer many different classes, which I also plan to look into. Great experience all around! Definitely recommend 😀

Magdalena Designation

This place is awesome!!! Talk about great workouts! They're always fun and definitely never boring. Great people to push you and keep you accountable not to mention the instructor is the bomb!!! Give it a try, I garauntee you won't regret it!!!

Prashant Designation

Shape up kickboxing is the best place to be for your workout routine. The staff is amazing, fun and friendly. The vibe is very much positive and inclusive. The trainers are awesome and genuinely care about you. They will push you to get better and yet keep it fun. It does not matter what stage you are at before you begin, this place will help you get better every day. Very soon you will be looking forward to getting more and more of your kickboxing sessions in with your new found friends here! Highly recommend it !

Grecia Designation

I joined over 2 ago and hands down it’s the best place to workout. The instructor and other members are helpful and they push you to always do your best. The encouragement you received to meet your goals is incomparable. The workouts are well structured which make all the muscles in your body be challenged to burn those calories and build strength. If you’re looking for a full body workout and 360 encouragement this is the place to go!

Molly Designation

This is the best place to workout!! All of the instructors are so helpful and kind and the MOST encouraging people I’ve ever met. They always give me that boost of confidence I need to push through my workout, and there hasn’t been a single class I’ve done without smiling or laughing. I’m so thankful that I’ve found a community here, even when I can’t come for a couple weeks, they always welcome me back with open arms which is the best feeling. PLUS the workouts are wonderful; they are hard but well structured and I know that I’m always being productive and they push me to do better every time. (Something I wasn’t getting from trying to work out on my own)

Morgan Designation

I was looking for a way to get back in shape and they absolutely provided that and so much more! The help you achieve your fitness goals and you make some awesome friends along the way. I cannot say enough good about them. A side note, they will work you lol and you will sweat!!

Kimberly Designation

Love... Love this place! The experience has been amazing! Every staff member takes the time to work with you personally! After my first class, I was “HOOKED”! It was so much fun and a great workout. Stephen has gone above and beyond, as I needed modifications in the class due to a previous hip injury. He was right there to make sure that I knew what the modifications were. You are not just a number in this gym, you actually become a part of the family!

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