The Importance of Flexibility!

Increase flexibility with Fitness Kickboxing

Increase Flexibility! It’s the one part of training that keeps us relaxed and prepares the body for the work it’s about to do. Most importantly, it’s simple, light, and easy to incorporate into a busy schedule.

Especially if you’re grunting from having to bend down to pick up something off the floor, or finding it challenging to play with the kids, consider adding stretching to your lifestyle. Set a goal to stretch daily, and experience the difference in how it feels to move around.

Here are at least 4 benefits you see when you increase flexibility:
1) It increases range of motion in muscles and joints, which also helps to decrease injury.

2) If we’re sore after working out, stretching keeps the muscle loose and alleviates the tightness feeling.

3) Less tension in the muscles also helps to feel relaxed.

4) It also decreases and reduces back pain, while fixing our posture.

There are different strategies to add stretching to your daily life. You can aim to stretch for ten minutes after getting up for the day, squeeze in some arm stretches while in the cubicle, do some hamstring reaches during TV time, and stretch before going to bed. In fact, stretching before bedtime improves the quality of sleep because you’re better relaxed.

Go ahead and try it out! Stretching may even become your favorite way to de-stress!

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