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What’s great about being a part of the ShapeUpKickboxing community, you’re always around great help. The instructors are able to help you with getting in-shape and eating healthy. Today, the kickboxing instructors at ShapeUpKickboxing would like to talk about the side effects of something we all love.

We all love those weekend drinks.

But if you’re trying to get fit, the drinks can be an obstacle.

Here’s why:

1. Alcohol adds TONS of calories to our waistlines.
Having a few beers or a couple of margaritas leads to downing hundreds of calories. The occasional drink is great, but if alcohol is a frequent visit, you may want to consider decreasing the consumption.

2. Alcohol leads to calorie-filled junk food.
As alcohol clouds our judgement, it also leads to wanting to snack on all the salty carbs and more calorie-filled junk food. Pair the calories from snacking and the drinks downed, and imagine the damage it does to our goal’s progress!


1. Find a skinnier drink for you to enjoy.
To fight that love for alcohol, find something that skinnier to enjoy. Examples include a shot of straight up liquor, vodka seltzer with lemon or lime, a skinny cosmopolitan, or just one ice cold beer. Find that one drink, and sip slow to enjoy!

2. Find ways to curb your drinking.
They way you might try to jumpstart a diet, you may use the same techniques to drinking: set a goal, don’t keep alcohol in the house, drink slowly, and avoid peer-pressure.

Cutting out the foods and drinks we love can be difficult. But what can help in making these decisions is to remember your goals. How we eat and drink outside of kickboxing can undo all of our hard work. And from our experience, it’s easier to go through lifestyle changes if you’re around good company, people who are on the same boat as you and encouraging you to keep up the good work.

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