Welcome to shape up kickboxing taneytown!

welcome to shape up kickboxing Taneytown

THE workout

Kickboxing Warm Up

Embark on your fitness journey at Shape Up Kickboxing Taneytown and kickstart your experience with an exciting warm-up regimen! Feel the energizing beginning of every class as you participate in a sequence of lively drills thoughtfully designed to elevate your pulse and rejuvenate your whole physique.

Prepare to welcome a mix of squats, lunges, burpees, jogging, high-knees, and various other invigorating actions! This initial cardiovascular session establishes the foundation, awakening your muscles and ensuring you're thoroughly geared up for the impending workout that lies ahead.

Kickboxing Stretching Exercises

After an exhilarating warm-up that gets your adrenaline flowing, shift your focus to stretching and improving your flexibility.

Underscoring the importance of incorporating stretches into your fitness routine, we prioritize the improvement of muscle strength, facilitation of joint mobility, and reduction of injury risks. Our dedicated stretching period ensures that your body is completely primed for the demanding workout ahead, allowing you to maximize your performance and attain the greatest benefits from each revitalizing session.

Kickboxing Punching Bags

Prepare for the invigorating segment of the workout that sparks enthusiasm in everyone!

Imagine gearing up with gloves, as a surge of energy pulses through your veins, getting you ready for an electrifying session of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) combined with intense bag work that puts your muscles to the test. Engaging with our body-sized punching bags delivers a heart-pounding encounter that stretches your boundaries and leaves you feeling empowered.

Our kickboxing sessions encompass the liveliness of martial arts and boxing, offering an exceptional opportunity not only to learn but also to master a variety of punching and kicking techniques. The bags become your reliable partner, absorbing the impact of each strike as you unleash your strength and finesse. Through invigorating combinations and the rhythmic harmony of punches and kicks, your confidence soars, uncovering your ability to transcend your own limitations!

Join us at Shape Up Kickboxing - Taneytown, and dive into the realm of Fitness Kickboxing, where thrilling trials and transformative exercises await you!

Kickboxing Partner Drills

At Shape Up Kickboxing Taneytown, finding a workout partner is never a challenge. You just need to bring yourself! Our kickboxing sessions foster an inclusive and supportive environment that enables you to team up with fellow kickboxers and collectively conquer fitness obstacles.

Feel the excitement of participating in partner drills, mitt work, and exercises that strengthen your core as you execute jabs and crosses to reach your objectives. These collaborative exercises not only boost your physical prowess but also nurture a feeling of camaraderie, shared moments of joy, and the forging of lasting friendships, heightening the pleasure of your fitness venture.

Kickboxing Exercise Cool Down

As each session concludes at Shape Up Kickboxing Taneytown, we give special attention to the cooldown procedure, aimed at rejuvenating our bodies and returning our heart rates to a calm state.

Allocating time for gentle stretches and controlled breathing after the workout provides a refreshing and fulfilling sensation. The cooldown stage allows us to not only contemplate our accomplishments but also unwind and equip ourselves to approach the rest of the day with a renewed spirit.



Have you faced challenges on your path to reaching your fitness aspirations? Look no further, as our dedicated kickboxing instructors are here to not only help you achieve success but also ensure that you have an enjoyable journey throughout! We recognize that the road to a healthier lifestyle can be demanding, and our dedication lies in providing the encouragement and motivation you need to persist.

Right from your very first session, our instructors invest time in getting to know you on a personal level. They become your allies and companions, offering steadfast support, responsibility, and invaluable fitness guidance tailored to your individual requirements. Our ultimate goal is to bring out the best in you and aid you in accomplishing the desired outcomes you've set your sights on.

WHAT is the community at Shape up Kickboxing Taneytown like?

When you become a part of Shape Up Kickboxing Taneytown, you join a valued community that is vibrant and supportive. Our fellow kickboxers play a crucial role in cultivating an atmosphere that's positive and uplifting, making it truly exceptional.

Experienced kickboxers understand the journey of getting started and are eager to offer assistance. Beyond the energizing workouts, we arrange competitions, themed DJ nights, and group outings, adding an extra layer of excitement and camaraderie to your fitness journey. At Shape Up Kickboxing, our goal is to infuse your life with a passion for fitness, boundless enthusiasm, and the ultimate satisfaction from your workouts.

We extend a warm invitation to you to be a part of Shape Up Kickboxing Taneytown, where fitness and enjoyment go hand in hand, and achieving remarkable results becomes an attainable reality!


Taneytown is located off Baltimore Street in Taneytown, Maryland. We are located in the heart of town in the Taneytown Professional Center. This kickboxing facility is located in Northern Carroll County and is happy to serve the communities of Taneytown, Keymar, Union Bridge, Emmittsburg, and surrounding areas. Our Kickboxing Classes are so effective and fun that we even have members drive from as far away as Hanover and Gettysburg, PA!  We are excited to help people lose weight, build lean tone muscles and reduce stress!! 

As the instructors at Shape Up Kickboxing – Taneytown, we LOVE what we do and helping people get in the best shape of their lives is our goal! That is one of the reasons we love being located where we are! The people in Taneytown are absolutely AMAZING, and the energy they bring to their workouts motivates us as the instructors! It is helping the people in the community around us that makes what we do a passion for us. We CANNOT WAIT to meet you for a workout at Shape Up Kickboxing – Taneytown, MD!

Address & phone number

417 E Baltimore Street, Suite A Taneytown, MD 21787 (410) 756-0090

serving areas

Union Bridge & Keymar, MD & Gettysburg & Littlestown, PA

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