if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you!

welcome to shape up kickboxing taneytown!


First, every class starts with a great warm up! If you were feeling cold coming into class, the moment you start warming up with us, you are automatically increasing blood circulation, heart rate, and body temperature.

In this part of the workout, get ready for fun combinations and variations of squats, lunges, burpees, running, high-knees, and more! This is all to get our bodies ready for bag work.

Second, we stretch! After our bodies get nicely warmed up, the muscles are ready for some much needed stretching. This part of the workout is important because it increases our flexiblity, releases tension, calms the mind, and and prevents injury.

Stretching improves our kicking and punching abilities in kickboxing!

Third, we fire up the class with large, body-sized punching bags! This is the part of class that everybody looks forward to.

Strap on your new FREE kickboxing gloves that we give you, and throw your warmed up and stretched out body at the bag in front. During this portion, we teach varous punching and kicking techniques, as well as awesome combos.

Next, we jump into partner drills! Team up with someone in the class, and overcome the different fun workout challenges together.

Get ready to crush some mitt work, ab exercises, and other drills, as you encourage each other through every hurdle. This part of the workout fun, rewarding, and helps to make new friends.

Lastly, we cool down! This part of the workout is responsible for easing the body out of exercise mode and slowing down the heart rate.

This part of the class is where you also unwind from the workout and reflect on your accomplishments.

Hands down, you always leave class stronger than when you came in.


Shape Up Kickboxing Cumming


The keys to reaching goals are consistency and accountability. And at Shape Up Kickboxing Taneytown, that's what the instructors help with. By getting to know you from day one of class, they learn about your goals, experience with exercise, and what you want to get out of kickboxing.

In addition to being the best accountability buddies, the instructors are also great in providing fitness advice, diet tips, and motivation. Inside and outside of class, the instructors make great friends and strategy to help you reach your goals.


The other TANEYTOWN kickboxers are just like you! tHEY HAVE ALL started with their first classes and most at a beginner’s level. IN FACT, they love helping every newbie!

Not only will they workout next to you, they will make sure your techniques are right and that you’re okay. What’s more, these people become like family, and you find yourself EXCITED FOR Class because of them!

Shape Up Kickboxing Cumming


Taneytown is located off Baltimore Street in Taneytown, Maryland. We are located in the heart of town in the Taneytown Professional Center. This kickboxing facility is located in Northern Carroll County and is happy to serve the communities of Taneytown, Keymar, Union Bridge, Emmittsburg, and surrounding areas. Our Kickboxing Classes are so effective and fun that we even have members drive from as far away as Hanover and Gettysburg, PA!  We are excited to help people lose weight, build lean tone muscles and reduce stress!! 

As the instructors at Shape Up Kickboxing – Taneytown, we LOVE what we do and helping people get in the best shape of their lives is our goal! That is one of the reasons we love being located where we are! The people in Taneytown are absolutely AMAZING, and the energy they bring to their workouts motivates us as the instructors! It is helping the people in the community around us that makes what we do a passion for us. We CANNOT WAIT to meet you for a workout at Shape Up Kickboxing – Taneytown, MD!


Address & Phone Number
417 E Baltimore Street, Suite A
Taneytown, MD 21787
(410) 756-0090

Serving These Areas
Union Bridge & Keymar, MD | Gettysburg & Littlestown, PA

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