looking to crush new year's Resolutions? Shape up kickboxing can help you!

If you’ve made health related New Year’s Resolutions, then come train with us! Are you looking to drop the unwanted weight? Or how about getting muscle definition and stronger? What about becoming healthier and more confident? Work with our Shape Up Kickboxing fitness instructors and community to crush those life goals!

Shape Up Kickboxing New Year's Special

Make resolutions come true!

By teaming up with our fitness instructors and plugging into our kickboxing community, those health related resolutions will be crushed! If you've been struggling in dropping the desired weight or improving your overall health, reaching out to our health pros will change the game!

fun group fitness classes!

Fun group kickboxing classes are a great way to get in shape! Say goodbye to the same old workout routines! Our passionately awesome certified fitness instructors always pump up the class with every workout they come up with! Plus, working out with everyone motivates us to do our best!

Amazing fitness results!

Through all the hard work and sweat, the results our kickboxers experience include weight loss, increased strength and toned muscles, and glowing new confidence.

Before you know it, you'll be needing to buy better fitting clothes and will want to celebrate your success!

how can Shape up kickboxing help with your new year's resolutions?

Looking for a way to crush those New Year’s Resolutions? Instead of struggling on your own to meet them, reach out to a team of goal crushing experts at Shape Up Kickboxing!  Every year, the top resolutions include weight loss, eating healthier, and increasing self-confidence. At our kickboxing gyms, we work with all kinds of individuals to dominate their goals. And we would be ecstatic to work with you on your goals! Get ready for a total mind-body transformation through the power of kickboxing! 


Shape Up Kickboxing classes are friendly for all fitness levels! As the gyms are fully equipped with kickboxing gear, the instructors guide the classes through an entire workout. Our workouts start with warming up, stretching, punching/kicking the bags, partner drills, and cool down (see below for more details). What makes kickboxing stand out is that working with giant punching bags is the core of our workouts. Using the bags has you engaging in HIIT and resistance training, and all that hard work burns fat and shreds muscle! The infinite combos you can throw at the bag inspires the instructors to create new workouts!



At Shape Up Kickboxing, the fun never stops! We have cool themed live DJ nights, competitions, and  challenges. We even plan events for after class sometimes like grabbing dinner or go ax throwing. And even if you don’t want to participate in anything extra, having a group of people who are also working hard on their goals is life changing. The positive, supportive atmosphere makes each Shape Up location awesome to spend time at!

Visit a Shape Up Kickboxing near you and experience the kickboxing phenomena today!

Kickboxing Classes

the workout


If your New Year’s Resolutions include losing weight and getting stronger, then you’ll love our warm-up! From the start of class, we get our hearts pumping with running, HIIT drills, cardio blasts, and more! In fact, there are so many varieties of running, push-ups, ab exercises, and core exercises to choose from that make warming up always fun! When you get through every action-packed warm-up, you get fired up for kickboxing!


After warming up, we stretch! This section improves our flexibility and joints, while preventing injuries. One benefit of stretching often is that it improves our abilities to move better throughout the day. Those daily activities like playing with the kids or moving around the office becomes easier. In fact, everything we do in class benefits our health in the short-term and long-term! For example, warming up and stretching prepares us for everyone’s favorite part—the bags!

bag time!

Punching and kicking at the bags will also help you to crush your New Year’s Resolutions. Working at the bags becomes cardio, HIIT, endurance, strength training, and more—all in this one section of kickboxing! What’s also great about Shape Up Kickboxing is we teach everyone how to throw punches and kicks at the very beginning! So no prior experience is required! Just come to class, get stronger, and knock out those goals! 

Partner drills!

For the final workout challenges—partner drills! This section has you working with a friend in class. As you help each other overcome speed rounds of various exercises, you’re also burning even more fat and calories! The various speed rounds could include anything you learned during the bag rounds to additional ab drills, upper body workouts, and more! There are times you may want to give up, but you and your partner are there for each other! Through all the sweat, you’re also laughing and having fun! 

Cool down!

Finally, we cool down! It’s important to lower the heart rate and unwind the body after all that work. This part also has you reflecting on all that you accomplished! Through a series of deep stretches and yoga poses, you wrap up the workout strong! 

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