fat melting hiit classes at fitness Kickboxing

HIIT Classes are the way to go for a healthier and better physique in weeks! At Shape Up Kickboxing Classes, our program will deliver the fitness results that you’re looking for! Get ready for a complete body transformation with workouts that bring you gloves, punching bags, and amazing fitness instructors and community!


With the combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), aerobics, strength training, and speed, Fitness Kickboxing has you working every muscle in the body. As a result, your body becomes stronger, leaner, and fitter!

fun group classes!

The motivation to workout consistently is 1000x better in a group! Our passionate and certified fitness instructors make sure every class is fun and exciting, techniques are right, and that you're happy with the progress of your goals! Our gyms are a family-friendly environment!

Phenomenal results!

From the success of HIIT and other workout techniques, the results are phenomenal! In fact, Fitness Kickboxing has kickboxers burn lots of calories per class! This fat melting, muscle shredding workout will have you buying new clothes!

how can HIIT Classes at shape Up kickboxing help you crush Fitness goals?

Looking for fun HIIT Classes near your area? Shape Up Kickboxing has created an amazing program integrated with HIIT throughout every class. 

The beauty of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is that it has you burn lots of calories in a short amount of time. Plus, the intensity from these workouts increases your metabolism and has you burning more calories hours afterwards. Ultimately, HIIT is the greatest workout weapon to yield the fitness results desired without having to spend hours at the gym! 

Shape Up Kickboxing’s calorie torching, fat-burning workouts throw you into super, awesome HIIT exercises from the very beginning of class! Throughout the class, whether warming up or punching at the bags, the instructors guide you so that there are times your heart rate is high, low, then high again! As you overcome every kickboxing class, you get stronger! Not only are you enjoying the HIIT workouts, kickboxing is a way to enjoy cardio, strength training, endurance training, self-defense training, and more all in one!

If you’re looking to lose the unwanted weight and gain all around muscle, then kickboxing is for you! All the HIIT workouts and exercises that the fitness instructors create will keep you on your toes and have you coming back for more! No two workouts are the same! Come workout with us, and get ready to crush those goals to pieces!  

Visit a Shape Up Kickboxing near you and experience the kickboxing phenomena today!

Shape Up Kickboxing - Love your workout!

the workout


To get you revved up for class, the first part of class warms up the body!  This section is when we start to do HIIT!  Here, we dive into cardio blasts like running, burpees, squats, pushups, etc. After all the cardio blasts, drills, and sprints, you will feel fired up for kickboxing!


After warming up, next it’s time to stretch! This part of the workout is important because it’s increasing the flexibility in our joints, and lowering our heart rates for several minutes. Stretching also prevents injury and improves your kickboxing experience. With all the kicking and punching coming up, we must stretch those hips and hamstrings!

bag time!

Next, it’s time to bring up the heart rate back up! Get ready for more HIIT, muscle shredding, endurance training, self-defense, and more! Strap on your gloves, and throw all kinds of kicks, punches, and combos! Kickboxing will never have you bored, and you are constantly moving from one exercise to the next! 

Partner drills!

To take the workout up a notch, we finish strong with partner drills! Partner up with someone in the class, and work together to crush different workout challenges! This part continues to get that heart rate up, as you do additional ab drills, upper body workouts, glove drills, and more! You and your partner are encouraging each other to continue working hard and to not give up whatever the instructor throws!

Cool down!

After all that workout craziness, we cool down! It’s really important that we lower that heart rate before leaving. Here, we do nice hamstring stretches, yoga poses, and other deep stretches! 

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