looking for super gyms near you? shape up Kickboxing is for you!

If you’re seeking for an awesome gym, then come to Shape Up Kickboxing! Whether you are looking to start a new workout regimen or wanting to step up your fitness game, kickboxing delivers the results desired. As you’re overcoming the challenges and intensity of our group classes, you’re also having fun working out. Get in the best shape of your life at our kickboxing gyms!

A Gym that's more than a gym!

The certified fitness instructors and friendly kickboxing community make Shape Up Kickboxing awesome gyms! Not only are you coming here to get a good workout, but you're also connecting with people on a more intimate level than at large gym facilities. At our kickboxing gyms, we aim to have a good time and find ways to keep workouts challenging!

HIIT, Muscle toning, & More!

The results from fitness kickboxing are phenomenal! Our classes are great fusions of HIIT, cardio, muscle building, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, and self-defense.

If you're not going to the gym, kickboxing will get you into great shape! And if you are a gym guru, our classes complement your personal workouts!

Phenomenal results!

If you're struggling with workout inspiration, workout plateaus, or unsatisfactory progress, then the challenge and intensity of kickboxing provides solutions!

By finding a fun workout like kickboxing you enjoy and connecting with new friends, you'll enjoy life even more!

how can Shape up kickboxing meet what you're looking for in gyms?

Looking for gyms nearby to crush fitness goals? We encourage you to try Shape Up Kickboxing Gyms! Our facilities are designed to host group kickboxing classes, and they are fully equipped with everything you need! We even provide you the boxing gloves with your kickboxing trial! 

Shape Up Kickboxing strives to have clean and family-friendly safe gyms. We aim to make sure that everyone who comes to workout knows they can come on their own and that they will get an ultimate workout every time.


Every calorie torching workout at Shape Up Kickboxing is a full-body workout. These action packed classed take you through a complete workout that include warming up, stretching, attacking punching bags, partner drills, and a cool down (See below for more details). Depending on the instructor, classes will go 40-50 minutes long.
As classes have you sweating bullets, no two classes are the same!   

Visit a Shape Up Kickboxing near you, and experience the kickboxing phenomena today!

Shape Up Kickboxing - Love your workout!

the workout


The way you might warm-up at gyms with some running, burpees, and squats, Shape Up Kickboxing does the same! The start of class has everyone begin with laps around the gym before diving into Calisthenics (burpees, squats, pushups, etc.), HIIT drills, and resistance training. Properly warming up for kickboxing is important before attacking the bags! This section brings up the heart rate and warms up all the muscles!


Like the gym, we stretch our hamstrings and muscles after warming up. Our heart rates will lower for a bit, but stretching prepares the body further. This section also improves your flexibility needed for kickboxing, while preventing injuries. After we’re all stretched out, we’re ready to hit the bags! 

bag time!

Maybe you’ve seen kickboxing bags at the gym before but haven’t approached them yet. At Shape Up Kickboxing, we teach everyone how to properly jab, cross, uppercut, hook, roundhouse, sidekick, front kick, and more! We also make sure your form during the warm ups and stretching are correct too! After learning how to throw different attacks at the bags, you learn how to make fun combos to mix them up! The varieties are endless, and you will never be bored with this workout!

Partner drills!

The way your friend might spot you or workout with you, you’ll enjoy partner drills! For this section of kickboxing, pick a friend in the class and work together to overcome different challenges! With partner drills, the heart rate goes up, as you knock out ab workouts, upper body exercises, and glove drills! You never know what the instructors will throw at the class, but it’s always fun! 

Cool down!

Before you leave, we have to cool down! After some stretches and yoga, you are free to go! Every session has you learning more about yourself, and you see your progress class-to-class!

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