looking for Group fitness classes? Shape up Kickboxing is for you!

Group Fitness Classes at Shape Up Kickboxing will show you that working out and getting results are fun! Men and women of all fitness levels come to class, and they LOVE the workout variety that kickboxing offers. They also really enjoy working with the instructors and engaging with the kickboxing community! With our group classes, say goodbye to the struggles of staying motivated, hitting workout plateaus, and boring gym routines! With every class you crush, you leave stronger and more confident than the start of class!

Fun Group Fitness Classes!

Pump up the music and the instructor's energy, and the whole class gets going! After some warming up and stretching, we strap on our gloves and attack our bags! The whole time, the instructors make sure your form is correct, that you're doing great, and having fun!

HIIT, muscle Building, & More!

If you have fitness goals, our classes are awesome in helping you crush them! Kickboxing is a great way to squeeze in cardio, HIIT, muscle building, and resistance training into your week. Kickboxing takes out the stress in coming up with workouts and leaves you to enjoy showing up, working out, and leaving fully charged everytime!

Long Lasting & Fast Results

Our group kickboxing classes are great for helping you to quickly drop the weight, tone up, and boost confidence! Most importantly, the results stay! Before you know it, your clothes start feeling looser, and you'll want to celebrate your awesome progress!

Group fitness classes at shape up kickboxing!

Looking for fun Group Fitness Classes in your area? Shape Up Kickboxing is for you! Maybe you want to change things up from the gym. Or maybe, you’re wanting to try a fun group class to get in shape. Or perhaps, you’re looking to make new friends. Whatever you’re looking for in group fitness, our kickboxing classes will bring excitement and fun into your week! Get ready for total body transformation as you get to know the awesome instructors and kickboxing community.

Getting in shape at our kickboxing gyms is fun in a group! Everyone gets into the workout, and you get to go at your own pace! 

Our calorie torching workouts has you overcome all the HIIT drills and cardio exercises and learn how to be kickboxing rock star! Never thrown a punch? That’s okay! The instructors teach you how! Punching and kicking at the large body-sized wavemasters is so stress relieving and makes for a satisfying workout! 

At Shape Up Kickboxing, our aim is to help everyone we meet to reach their fitness goals. Enjoying to workout is a struggle, and we strive to show people how the journey to healthy can be a fun, rewarding one. You’ll definitely work hard, and at times you may feel like dying, but every class shows you how strong you really are! And the group of kickboxers all support you and encourage you to do your best! 

We hope you visit a Shape Up Kickboxing near you soon! 

the workout


For Group Fitness Classes at Shape Up Kickboxing, warming up is extremely important before working the bags! From the very beginning of class, we get moving with running, squats, lunges, burpees, pushups, crunches, and anything else the instructor decides. We also do high interval intensity training (HIIT) and resistance training! After all the cardio blasts and getting the heart rate up, we’re ready for the next section!


Next, the whole group stretches! As our muscles are warmed up, now is the best time to stretch! This is important because it allows us to work on flexibility, while improving our joints and preventing injury. When we start kicking and punching at the bags, you’ll be glad you stretched!¬†

bag time!

Even in a group class, everyone has a large punching bag to themselves. This part of the workout lets you sharpen your kicks, punches, and combos! At the same time, you’re engaging in cardio, muscle building, HIIT, endurance, strength training, and self-defense training. This section is also fun because you get to mix up all kinds of kicks, punches, and core workouts at the bag. Your heart rate is up, you’re burning fat, and crushing calories! 

Partner drills!

Another fun element in Shape Up Kickboxing is partner drills! Partner up with someone in the kickboxing class, and conquer different workout challenges as a pair! This part is your last chance to workout hard, pump up the heart rate some more, and burn even more calories and fat. Partner drills include ab workouts, upper body workouts, glove drills, and more! Who knows what the instructor will throw! You and your kickboxing friend are egging each other on as you work hard to overcome every workout challenge! 

Cool down!

After all that hard work, the instructor guides the class to cool down! It’s important to lower the heart rate and calm the body down before leaving. With some well-deserving deep stretches and yoga stretches, the class comes to a nice end! You’re free to go, and leave class feeling like a super hero!¬†Because the fact is, you accomplish so much goodness in a short amount of time! And you didn’t give up!

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