looking for Boutique Fitness Studio? Shape Up Kickboxing is for you!

A Boutique Fitness Studio experience awaits you at Shape Up Kickboxing! Specialized in small group fitness kickboxing classes, get ready to fall head-over-heals for fun workouts and amazing body-transforming results. With every class you conquer, you leave stronger and more confident!

Fun Group Classes

If you're looking for a fun group to workout with, you will love the instructors and community at Shape Up Kickboxing! The instructors always come up with epic workouts that are challenging and satisfying! At the same time, the other kickboxers are positive and supportive of each other's goals. Working out with everyone is something you will look forward to!


Through the power of Fitness Kickboxing, the classes are a fusion of HIIT Training, Resistance Training, Cardio, Self-Defense Training, and more! By having this variety of workouts, no two classes are the same, and you will never be bored. Most importantly, we hope the warm, family-friendly atmosphere inspires you to come often!

Amazing body transforming results!

Our fat burning, muscle building workouts result in weight loss, toned muscles, and boosted confidence!

Fitness Kickboxing works out the whole body, and our program guides you through a complete head-to-toe transformation!

how can kickboxing meet what you're looking for from a boutique fitness studio?

Looking for a Boutique Fitness Class near you? Shape Up Kickboxing could be EXACTLY what you’re looking for! Our small group fitness classes are great for men and women of all fitness levels. What’s great about Fitness Kickboxing? It’s a super combination of martial arts, boxing, and Muay Thai— without the competitive sparring! Additionally, most of our kickboxing instructors are also Martial Arts instructors! This means you learn proper technique and form for all the punches, kicks, and combos. 

The Workout

Shape Up Kickboxing class has everything to make a complete, full-body workout fun. Each class has you engaging in high intensity interval training (HIIT), which has been scientifically shown to be one of the most effective ways to burn calories and lose fat. On top of that, since in class you learn real kickboxing moves and get to practice them on a heavy bag, you also receive resistance training. The combination of H.I.I.T. and resistance training drops weight, tones muscle, kills calories, and gives you that lean, strong fighting machine look! 


THE community

On top of the awesome kickboxing workouts, our members LOVE the people that make up the Shape Up Community! Having a supportive group of people be a part of your fitness journey increases your success rate. On the good and bad days, your instructor and fellow kickboxers keep you accountable and motivated. 

the workout


At Shape Up Kickboxing, the first part of class is dedicated to warming up! Here, we dive into HIIT drills alternating between exercises like burpees, squats, pushups, etc.! Through a series of cardio blasts and sprints, you become fired up for class!


After warming up, next we stretch. This part of the workout has multiple purposes. In addition to increasing flexibility of hamstrings, muscles, and joints, stretching prevents injury. Stretching also improves your kickboxing experience by improving balance and coordination. 

bag time!

The bags are where the magic happens! From the very beginning of the class, attacking the bags is what we are preparing for! This part of the work serves as more cardio, muscle building, HIIT, endurance, strength, power, and speed. For this section, throwing combos at the bag is fun, therapeutic, and a great stress reliever. This part is where you burn even more calories and shred muscle!

Partner drills!

Partner up with someone in the class, and crush workout challenges together! This part is a pure fat burner, as you overcome ab drills, upper body workouts, glove drills, and more! You and your partner are encouraging each other to make it through every fun drill the instructor throws!

Cool down!

After all that hard work, we cool down! We walk you through lowering that heart rate with nice hamstring stretches, yoga poses, and other deep stretches. The end of each class has you leaving refreshed, relaxed, and happy. Conquering a kickboxing class boosts your mood and confidence!  

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