looking for Beginner Fitness classes? shape up Kickboxing is for you!

If you’re seeking Beginner Fitness Classes, come check out Shape Up Kickboxing! Our kickboxing program will work with you to lose weight, tone up, get stronger, and help crush other health goals! This workout inspires you to work hard, while having fun every step of the way. Most importantly, our Fitness Kickboxing Gyms are great for men and women of all fitness levels!

Get ready to become a goal crusher as you become fitter, stronger, healthier, and happier!

A Great way to jump into fitness!

If it's been awhile since you last worked out, or you're looking for motivation to exercise, Shape Up Kickboxing Classes are for you! Friendly for everyone of all fitness levels, kickboxing is a way to make your health goals a reality. The classes have you sweating and working hard, but all the kicking and punching is fun!

HIIT, muscle toning, & more!

One way Shape Up helps people with their health goals is guiding our classes through various rounds of HIIT, cardio, strength training, and more.

As instructors, we help keep you accountable! Because part of the success is to show up for class consistently. It's hard to self-motivate all the time, and we are here for you!


Kickboxing is a calorie torcher and brings in phenomenal results! Get ready for weight loss, toned muscle, and confidence!

From the instructors' view, working with people to become healthier and to be happy with their results are a couple reasons why we love what we do! And we can help you too!

Beginner fitness classes at shape up kickboxing!

Looking for Beginner Fitness Classes near you?  Shape Up Kickboxing could be EXACTLY what you’re looking for! We understand that working out and getting healthy can be a tough battle. And we understand it can be unmotivating or intimidating to get back into exercising. At Shape Up, we hope to change all that for everyone who comes through our doors. 

Through the power of kickboxing, we can show you how starting a new workout regimen can be exciting and rewarding. As certified fitness instructors, we are here for you! With the FREE gloves we gift you for your trial, get ready to see those pounds go, muscle toning up in all the right places, and a full-body transformation. You’ll be turning heads, and your friends and family will ask you what’s your secret!

Shape Up Kickboxing looks forward to introducing you to our large body-sized punching bags! It’s an ultimate power solution for squeezing all kinds of workouts throughout the week. Our classes have you dive in to cardio, HIIT, muscle training, endurance training, and self-defense training. 

Visit a Shape Up Kickboxing near you and experience the kickboxing phenomena today!

the workout


The first part of class is dedicated to warming up the body! Here, we dive into Calisthenics (burpees, squats, pushups, etc.) and high interval intensity training (HIIT)! This is to get you all fired up and ready to crush those calories! 

If you’re nervous about your first kickboxing, don’t be! Before your first class, the instructor will meet with you and learn about your fitness level and goals. By getting to know you, they can help you set a good pace for the workout and have modifications if needed. 


After a good warm up, we stretch. This part of the workout is important, as it increases the flexibility and range of motion in our joints! It also prevents injury and improves your workout experience. With all the kicking and punching coming up, we must stretch properly!

bag time!

If you’ve never done kickboxing before, that’s okay! The instructors teach you everything just like beginner fitness classes. Next, we through combinations of kicks and punches at the bag! Kickboxing is great because it’s a well-rounded workout. It’s a great balance of cardio, muscle strengthening, HIIT, flexibility, aerobic, and anaerobic all wrapped into one class! Kickboxing is a satisfying workout for the whole body, and everyone LOVES the full-body transformation!

Partner drills!

The next section, partner up with a friend in class! Together, you crush different workout challenges! This part pushes the heart rate for the last time as you dive into speed rounds of ab drills, upper body workouts, and glove drills! Working with a partner encourages you to keep up, to push yourself, and to not give up. Plus, this section is fun! 

Cool down!

After all that running around, punching, and kicking, we cool down! To get the heart rate down, we do some nice hamstring stretches, yoga poses, and other deep stretches to calm the mind and body. And when you leave class, you’ll feel accomplished for all that you overcame in kickboxing! Just be sure to drink lots of water, eat protein, and stretch after every class!  

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