Want a sexy beach body? shape up kickboxing classes will take you there!

Beach Body Workout Programs at Shape Up Kickboxing will more than boost your confidence for that bikini or swim shorts. Our fitness program is all about helping you get in the best shape of your life. By guiding you through the exhilarating world of kickboxing, getting the results you want are just a pair of gloves away.


Your Beach Body is just gloves away at Shape Up Kickboxing! These music blasting, energy pumping classes motivate all to get moving and to crush every workout! Everyone here from the instructors to kickboxers are friendly, positive, and supportive. They're the ones who make sure your form and technique are right, and that you're having fun!


Dive straight into everything that the instructors throw your way! High intensity interval training (HIIT), resistance training, muscle shredding, cardio—you name it!

Our kickboxing classes are friendly for all fitness levels, and every class has you burning hundreds of calories! What's more, as the classes can be intense, we encourage you go at your own pace. The more classes you come to, the stronger you get!

Beach body results year round!

Kickboxing yields fast, long-term results! With the challenging yet satisfying workouts, kickboxers experience whole-body transformations!

Shape Up Kickboxing is indoors all year round! You don't need to wait for decent weather to workout. Pick your first kickbox class, and start crushing all those classes!

how can kickboxing Shape up your beach body?

Looking to shape up your Beach Body? Try Shape Up Kickboxing! Our kickboxing program results in fast, impressive head-turning results. Get ready for the fat to drop, muscle tone, and phenomenal body transformation! 

Shape Up Kickboxing’s calorie scorching exercises throw you into fat burning boot camp style exercises. We also introduce you to the beauty of working with our giant wavemasters (punching bags!)! As you dominate all the cardio blasts and HIIT, you’re also burning hundreds of calories and cutting up your muscle fibers! Becoming a pro in throwing combos at the bag is a super stress releasing workout that combines  cardio, strength training, endurance, and self-defense!

At Shape Up Kickboxing, our goal is to help individuals be satisfied in reaching their goals! Not are our classes a blast, but joining our kickboxing community includes our certified instructors and positively supportive kickboxers. 

Visit a Shape Up Kickboxing near you soon to experience the kickboxing phenomena!

the workout


At Shape Up Kickboxing, the best way to prepare the body is to warm up! Here, one way we shape up our Beach Body is through HIIT and endurance training. Through a series of exercises like running, high-knees, burpees, squats, pushups, and ab workouts, that heart rate will be up. In fact, there’s a variety of the different kinds of workouts we do, so class is NEVER boring!


After sweating it up with our warm-up, stretching is vital. Stretching is important because it improves flexibility in our joints and range, while helping us to prevent injury. Stretching also improves the impact of your kickboxing experience!

bag time!

Bag work is what makes the world go round in the kickboxing universe! This section will also be your ultimate strategy for that Beach Body. In class, attacking the large punching bags with combinations of kicks, punches, and more benefit you in numerous ways. Our bag rounds are a fusion of cardio, muscle building, HIIT, endurance, strength, power, and agility. By coming to kickboxing, you experience a well-rounded workout each time, while having great fun! 

Partner drills!

Partner Drills is where we change up the workouts even more. This section is your final chance to burn even more fat! By partnering up with someone in the class, conquer different workout challenges together! This part boosts the heart rate for the final workout challenge, as you fight through ab drills, upper body workouts, glove drills, and more! The fun is working with your partner and overcoming ever challenge with the whole group! 

Cool down!

After all that HIIT and bag work, we cool down! Lowering that heart rate is important, and we guide you through nice hamstring stretches, yoga poses, and other deep stretches. As you stretch out all the worked out muscles, you feel successful and accomplished! 

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