looking for boot camp fitness? fitness Kickboxing is for you!

The results and experience that you’re looking for with Boot Camp Fitness are at Shape Up Kickboxing! Quick start your weight loss and fitness journey with us! With every class you conquer, you leave stronger and more confident!

Long lasting & fast results!

Friendly for men and women of all fitness levels, Fitness Kickboxing has you burning tons of calories per class! This fat burning, muscle toning workout will deliver you head-over-heel results!

fun group fitness classes!

Say goodbye to boring workouts and machines, and say hello to our awesome certified fitness instructors and community waiting to workout with you! Our gyms strive for a family-friendly environment!

hiit, muscle toning, & more!

With the combination of high intensity aerobics, strength training, and speed, Fitness Kickboxing guides you through a whole-body transformation! Before you know it, you will need to buy new clothes to celebrate the new you!

how can kickboxing meet your boot camp fitness needs?

Looking for Boot Camp Fitness classes in your area? Shape Up Kickboxing could be EXACTLY what you’re looking for! We understand that you’re someone who wants fast, impressive head-turning results. You may also be looking for a program for fat loss, muscle tone, and phenomenal body transformation.

Shape Up Kickboxing’s calorie torching workouts throw you into super, awesome Boot Camp style exercises PLUS introduce you to our large body-sized punching bags! As you overcome all the cardio blasts and HIIT, you’re also burning even more calories and shredding more muscle throwing kicks and punches at your bag! Being able to throw combos at the bag is a super fun workout that combines cardio, strength training, endurance training, self-defense training, and more all in one!

At Shape Up Kickboxing, our goal is to help individuals reach their fitness goals and beyond. Not only will you have a blast kickboxing, plugging into the kickboxing community includes our certified instructors and positively supportive kickboxers. Visit a Shape Up Kickboxing near you and experience the kickboxing phenomena today!

Shape Up Kickboxing - Overcome Your Excuses!

the workout


Similar to Boot Camp Fitness, the first part of class is dedicated to warming up the body! Here, we dive into Calisthenics (burpees, squats, pushups, etc.) and high interval intensity training (HIIT)! Through a series of cardio blast drills and sprints, you will get to feeling all fired up for kickboxing class!


After we warm up our bodies, next it’s time to stretch head-to-toe. This part of the workout is important because it’s increasing the flexibility in our joints! Stretching also prevents injury and improves your kickboxing experience. With all the kicking and punching coming up, we must stretch those hips and hamstrings!

bag time!

From the very beginning of the class, attacking the bags is what we are preparing for! This part of the work serves as more cardio, muscle building, HIIT, endurance, strength, power, and speed. For this section, there are so many fun combos to mix it up! You will never be bored with this workout, and you are constantly moving from one exercise to the next! 

Partner drills!

Partner up with someone in the class, and conquer different workout challenges together! This part continues to get that heart rate up, as you do additional ab drills, upper body workouts, glove drills, and more! You and your partner are egging each other on as you work hard to overcome every hurdle the instructor throws!

Cool down!

After all that hard work, we cool down! We walk you through lowering that heart rate with nice hamstring stretches, yoga poses, and other deep stretches. As you stretch out all the worked out muscles, you can’t help but feel proud and accomplished! 

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