Fat Melting HIIT Classes at Shape Up Kickboxing!

HIIT Classes at Shape Up Kickboxing GA

Looking to get in shape the most effective way without having to spend hours at the gym? Try Shape Up Kickboxing! These fat melting HIIT Classes will have you drop the unwanted weight, gain muscle, and glow in confidence. By coming to classes every week, you’ll love working with our amazing instructors and community. Shape Up Kickboxing is THE place to crush your fitness goals, and the results will have you head-over-heels! Come workout with us and experience the awesome benefits of fitness kickboxing!

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How HIIT Classes at Shape Up Kickboxing Can Benefit You

burn lots of calories!

At Shape Up Kickboxing, our kickboxers are burning 700+ calories per class! With all the HIIT workouts throughout each class, they’ll have you sweating bullets and working hard to overcome every obstacle.

The first part of class is dedicated to warming up, and it’s filled with HIIT workouts composed of various kinds of burpees, squats, running, lunges, crunches, pushups, and more! The warming up and stretching are important because they prepare us for punching and kicking at the bags. Every class is uniquely crafted, as no two workouts are the same. Kickboxing is the kind of workout that will never have you bored!

lose weight!

With the calories and fat burned in every class, get ready for a complete body transformation! At your first class, an instructor sits down with you and learns about your goals. For example, if you have a weight goal in mind, the instructor is your friend in keeping you accountable and motivated to workout. They also make sure you’re having fun with every workout they come up with!

build muscle!

As you’re burning fat and losing weight, kickboxing on the large, body-sized punching bags will have you building muscle head-to-toe! Working on the bags is a mixture of HIIT workouts, resistance training, endurance training, and self-defense training all wrapped into one! The HIIT workouts at the beginning of the class will also contribute to toned arms, abs, legs, butt, and more! So from beginning to the end of a kickboxing class, you’re engaging in HIIT workouts throughout the whole workout.

After working out with us for sometime, you’ll have no problem wearing whatever you want. The new confidence from working hard and achieving your goals will shine through!

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The benefits listed above are just some of the few benefits from the HIIT Classes at Shape Up Kickboxing! If you have any questions about Shape Up Kickboxing, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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