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  • Boot Camp Fitness and Shape Up Kickboxing

If you’re looking for Boot Camp Fitness classes in your area, then check out Shape Up Kickboxing! Similar to Boot Camp Fitness, Kickboxing guides you through fat melting and muscle building classes that bring in fast head-to-toe results. Through the power of kickboxing, our classes pack in HIIT, cardio sprints, strength training, endurance training, self-defense training, and more all in one class. If you’re looking at boot camp fitness to get a rockin’ body in several weeks, Kickboxing can get you there. By strapping on awesome kickboxing gloves (that we give you for free!) and coming to class, you will crush those fitness goals!

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Kickboxing can help you achieve goals similar to Boot Camp Fitness!

Lose Weight and Shred Muscle!

Shape Up Kickboxing Classes will have you dropping the unwanted pounds and toning up head-to-toe! From the beginning of class, we have you jump right into a burst of cardio. The first part of class focuses on getting that heart rate up and warming up the body. Then, our certified fitness instructors guide you through stretching. Before you know it, you are at the bags with your gloves on jab-crossing away. After you do a series of punch and kick combos, partner drills and cooling down are around the corner. Every class has you burning at least 700+ calories!! Within several weeks of actively coming to class and eating right, you are able to achieve those fitness goals!

Have Fun Working Out and reap Sexy Results!

From your very first class, our certified kickboxing instructors sit down with you and get to know your goals. They also make sure that your technique is correct and that you’re having fun throughout the whole class! What makes kickboxing super fun is working hard to overcome everything the instructor throws at the class. What’s even more fun is strapping on your new kickboxing gloves and learning how to throw all kinds of kicks and punches at large punching bags! There’s something soothing for the soul to let loose and leave everything on the mats!

Gain a new glow of Confidence!

After every week that you come to kickboxing, you’ll love the results coming in! All that sweating and fighting tooth and nail every workout the instructor throws was worth it. The weight is dropping, new muscles are forming, and you will love being able to show off your hard earned results!

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Finding the right workout can be a challenge. There are many workouts out there, and people want a workout that’s going to get them the results they want. Fitness Kickboxing Classes is an awesome workout that will have you sweating bullets from all the exercises, while helping you to have fun getting in shape.

Learn more about Shape Up Kickboxing and how we can support what you’re looking for in Boot Camp Fitness!

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