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Kickboxing Lawrenceville GA

Kickboxing Lawrenceville GA | How many times have you felt great about making it to your workouts all week, and then deem yourself worthy for a reward? And then the first moment you get, you turn to favorite comfort foods? We have definitely all been there! That’s why today, we are encouraging you to make wise decisions when rewarding yourself. As you can aim for healthier food rewards, we can also turn to non-food options.

Rewarding ourselves for our hard work is definitely called for, but we also want to be careful about undoing all our progress. For example, the average fast food calorie intake is estimated to 836 calories (HelpGuide). This is to help explain that one fast food meal outweighs the average workout. In kickboxing, one burns 700+ calories per class. The occasional celebratory meal is totally okay! But caving into those cravings and celebration food modes every time can stump our fitness goals because we are consuming more than what we’re burning off.

As we say in class, “You can’t workout a bad diet!” This is because poor nutrition affects our workout performance. Our performance also plays into what our bodies have available to use for energy and to recover. If we’re not performing well, it also means we end up struggling to meet our fitness goals. Rule of thumb, control how much refined carbs you’re consuming, and aim for more proteins, vegetables, and fruit. Especially when the post-workout hunger kicks in, aim for a lean protein snack to help your body restore its muscles.

Healthier food rewards can be a great solution to when we want to celebrate our successes. The only downside to this is we still have to watch the amount we’re eating. Non-food options can include buying a new outfit because your clothes feel looser, getting your nails done, or even going on that trip you’ve been pushing off. The options are endless! Some people even put out a money jar and throw in a couple dollars after every workout. So after 30 workouts, you end up with a nice chunk of change!

As food will always call to us and can potentially undo our workout efforts, we can definitely find ways to reward ourselves while still supporting our health goals!

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