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Kickboxing Braselton GA

Shape Up Kickboxing Braselton GA | Food addictions and cravings can be quite impactful to our health. When we eat certain foods like sugary drinks, fried foods, or candy, they trigger feel-good chemicals in the brain such as dopamine. So as we eat these foods, we feel happy and desire to produce that feeling again. The problem with food addictions is that they can lead to overeating and other health problems. Because as these foods taste good, they are low in nutrients and don’t make us full. So we keep eating until satisfied— and that’s where things go wrong. To overcome food addictions, it’s important to come up with a game plan.

Tips for overcoming food additions by kickboxing braselton ga:

1) Understand what your food triggers are.

As you try to eat healthier, you will greatly notice what your cravings are and what sets them off. Whether it’s a particular snack or mood, understanding what foods influence you is the first step to bettering your food swings.

2) Make a list of what you can eat instead.

When you discover the possibilities of what you can eat, shopping and dining out gets easier. Also, instead of thinking what you’re giving up, think of how much more you’re gaining by choosing a healthier diet.

3) Keep healthy snacks on hand at all times.

Whether that’s in your purse, car’s glove compartment (make sure it’s nothing that melts!), bedside table, jacket pocket—having healthy snacks ready to go will make a difference! Especially when we run errands, it’s always tempting to stop for a doughnut or some other food reward.

4) If deciding to give up completely, weigh the pros and cons.

Our decisions affect us positively or negatively. The choice is ours to pick healthier options so to better our health. For example, if you’ve been working out all week, caving into a burger, fries, and shake (or whatever is your go to cravings!) will undo all that work. Don’t sabotage yourself that easily! Put up a fight. Cook yourself a healthy, amazing meal. That will boost your self-esteem, confidence, and health!

5) Find a way to stay accountabile. Shape Up Kickboxing Braselton GA Instructors can help!

Tell your friends and family that you’re trying to eat healthier! This way, they can support you, and you won’t feel alone in your journey. And if you’re having trouble finding accountability buddies, our Fitness Kickboxing Instructors are your friends. They not only know how important your goals are to you, but they also care greatly about your progress. They’re on your side and helping you crush those goals!

* * *

Having a game plan to fight food addictions and cravings will help you to become stronger to these temptations. Food is great, but what we fuel ourselves with can either help or destroy our health. Especially when working out like at Shape Up Kickboxing Braselton GA, our diet is something that will help us perform our best. So, before you turn to those comfort foods, turn to your goals first and decide if it’s worth it.

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