Kickboxing Alpharetta GA – Why Group Workouts?

Kickboxing Alpharetta GA

Shape Up Kickboxing Alpharetta GA | There are all kinds of exercise that’s good for us! When we workout individually, we get to enjoy personal time, go at our own pace, and experience the joys of progressing in our goals. But on the downside, sometimes we struggle with motivation and stepping up our game. From our experience as fitness instructors, to overcome workout plateaus, excuses, and other obstacles, the key is to include variety into our week. A great way to do this is to add group classes. Even if you enjoy working out by yourself, working out in a group like Shape Up Kickboxing can help you in numerous ways.

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The Benefits of Group Classes

1) You Find Inspiration

Are you looking for new ideas to add to your personal workouts? Seeing what the instructors come up with and how they guide everyone from beginning to end will give you plenty of new ideas! As you are able to self assess, you can also get feedback from the instructors and learn new health tips.

Were you able to keep up? Did you find yourself motivated to keep up with everyone? Did you find yourself pushing past your limits (in a good way)? Most importantly, did you have fun?

2) You Overcome Workout Plateaus

Have you stopped seeing progress in your fitness goals? Workout plateaus occur for a number of reasons. Our bodies can get used to the intensities of our workouts, but our results are also affected by the lack of motivation and interest. Overcoming plateaus can be as simple as trying a new workout.

At Shape Up Kickboxing Alpharetta, the instructors lead the class, but we can also help you reach new limits! When we workout on our own, sometimes we aren’t going beyond what we can do. We are more tempted to ditch the final crunch or refuse to go another round of pushups. But when we have someone working out next to us or an instructor encouraging us, we get blown away with how much we accomplish. And then when we get to our personal workout time, we can apply what we learned in class!

3) You Connect with New Friends

Do you struggle with finding people to workout with you? Group fitness classes are a great way to make new friends! You get to meet a bunch of great people who are also trying to improve their health. Plus, being a part of a community, like Shape Up Kickboxing, can make a great impact to your life too.

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These are just some of the few benefits of engaging in group fitness classes! Even if you try kickboxing or other classes for a season, what you gain from the experience will go a long way. What you learn and the new friends made are things you get to keep!

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