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You may have heard people talk about the joys of shredding their muscles. But to get those awesome muscles, workout buffs and all must include rest days. As becoming more active improves our overall physique and health, too much exercise can lead to fatigue and injuries. Regardless of fitness level, we should make sure we’re adding rest days.

One of the important aspects to rest days is that our bodies can recover. When we kickbox, run, or do some other cardio or a few times a week, we’re creating tears in the muscle tissue, using up energy, and putting stress on our muscles and joints (Nunez). By resting every other day, twice a week, or however much time you need, our body works to replenish and repair everything needed.

Another aspect to rest days, it improves our overall performance and sleep. The more we workout without rest, the soreness we experience will slow us down and affect our agility. We also become less motivated to go for that extra rep or mile because of tired, sore muscles (Nunez). On the other hand, over exercising produces extra energy-boosting hormones, which will affect getting good quality sleep (Nunez).

Of course, rest days doesn’t have to mean staying in bed and binging our favorite shows. When you have rest days, you can still engage in light activities like going for a walk and playing with the kids. We also advise to stretch and hydrate lots to relieve and repair sore muscles.

By including rest days in our workout regimen, we can take on new workouts with our stronger muscles and powerful energy!

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