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Shape Up Kickboxing in Lawrenceville, GA | How we start our days can be the most important part of our day. As it’s tempting to hit the snooze five times or just roll out of bed, there are better ways to approach our mornings. Maybe you’re not a morning person, or you’ve had a hard time sticking to a morning schedule. But the good news about morning schedules, they don’t have to be perfect. They are meant to guide our mindsets and to help us take on the day with better energy and attitude. Another good thing, there’s variety in how to craft great mornings because it’s up to you. By deciding and following through with how we fill our mornings everyday, we take more ownership of our lives.

As discussed last week in “Night Routines,” an effective way to take on mornings is to have strong night routines. How we end the previous day affects how we feel when we wake up. In a nutshell, decide when you’re going to start winding down for the day, and engage in light activities. Instead of going to the usual binge-worthy shows, consider doing light exercise, journal, enjoy a cup of tea and light snack, read, meditate, and enjoy the time to yourself. By doing this, we relieve stress and can have better good quality sleep, which has us waking up feeling really good!

This is hard to avoid including, but make exercise a part of your mornings. When and how you do this is up to you. Options include stretching, morning Kickboxing Class, walking the neighborhood, indoor cycling, hitting the gym early, and the list keeps going! Whatever you decide, just know that the exercising jumpstarts our metabolism, improves blood circulation, increases energy, and improves focus. If you want to do the absolute minimum, walk for 30 minutes before breakfast. Studies show that even a light exercise in the fasting state will help you burn more fat. Another benefit to exercising in the morning, it encourages us to drink more water, which will help us wake up even more and take better care of our bodies.

Similar to how turning off our devices hours before bed promotes better sleep, avoiding to look at them the first thing when we wake up is beneficial. The moment we check social media and the news, we are plugged into the day. This isn’t a bad thing; however, starting the day with negative stories or getting carried away with our feed can cause stress, depression, and anxiety. By engaging instead in healthy self-care rituals, we can begin the day better, stronger, and healthier.

Morning routines provide great opportunity to start the day fulfilled. If you’re ever looking for more time to yourself, waking up early could be your solution. By rising early, we make room for at least a couple hours to ourselves. This time of day can encourage us to take better care of ourselves, while increasing our productivity in the long-run.

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