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Kickboxing Duluth GA | Morning routines can make a huge impact on our days. From the moment we wake up, we have a clean slate to take on the day as we please. However, having a super and consistent morning routine is difficult depending on our night routine. For instance, if we’re working, watching TV, or playing video games late at night without setting a stop time, getting up early is challenging. In fact, getting good sleep results in better weight control, promotes a healthy heart, and impacts our mood (Nazario). By aiming to have a solid night schedule, you will have a better time taking on those morning schedules.

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Tips on Creating a Great Night Routine

be intentional with your time

As you wake up with the alarm and decide how to spend your mornings, do the same thing with your night routine. For example, you might determine the time you’re going to start winding down. You may also like a loose or detailed schedule, but the least, aiming to sleep at the same time every night will provide consistency.


We are on our devices ALL DAY. Having a portion of our day where we can just turn off the screens and notifications benefits our health. Research shows that sleep quality and alertness are negatively impacted by the blue lights of our devices, and all it takes are seconds of exposure to throw off our nightly melatonin rhythm, the part of sleep that is responsible for staying asleep and waking up refreshed (Fetters). However, the light from TVs are okay! Experiment and see what works for you!


With all the devices possibly turned off, the next part of the night could become your favorite. Read, journal, meditate, have a cup of tea and light snack, stretch, or anything that will let your mind relax and relieve stress. Enjoy you time. This part of the night can be important because if you have anything on your mind, you have opportunity to air it out before being kept up by it.

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To each their own! Routines aren’t required to have in life, but from our experience, they help to develop discipline and guide us to reach goals. For instance, going to kickboxing classes 3 times a week at 6:30 for three months will yield amazing results. But in order to enjoy those results, one has to push through and prioritize those workouts. And when it comes to creating routines for our daily lives, we can use them to our advantage to improve the quality of our days.

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