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Shape Up Kickboxing Grayson GA | Whether you’re working out once-a-day for an hour or looking to start a new routine, it’s important to stay active throughout the day. Our desk jobs, tv shows, reading time, and other activities can easily keep us sedentary for long periods of time. Research shows that the longer we sit, everything from our metabolisms to blood flow slows down. But the good news, to be active throughout the day, we don’t have to take big actions or make more time in our schedules. By making smart moves, we can naturally add movement throughout our day.

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5 ways to include exercise throughout the day

Stretch in the morning

Part of becoming healthier is to develop a routine that you can stick to. Similar to making your bed every morning, consider stretching the moment you get up. Touch your toes, do some hamstring stretching, and wake up the mind and body. This action gently eases us to take on the day, while jumpstarting the body.

Take Walk breaks

If you have breaks throughout your workday, take the time to walk. Whether it’s taking the longest route to the bathroom or a brief walk outside, those walking minutes will add up.

Include desk workouts

While reading your emails or listening to a meeting, you could do some light dumbbell workouts right at your seat. Especially if you’re working from home, you could even throw in some crunches and pushups to the mix.

Workout during lunch

When you have an hour of free time, you take full advantage of it. For instance, if you’re struggling to squeeze in an hour of exercise, consider working out during lunch. And then if you can, eat later while at the desk. Or if you have been sitting all day, split your hour: eat first, and then enjoy a nice 30 minute walk afterwards.

Workout during TV time.

You can still enjoy your shows while setting up a treadmill or bike in front of the TV. While you find out what happens next, you could be burning calories, releasing stress, and improving your health.

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Finding ways to include light walks or exercises throughout the day will increase the calories burned, improve our mobility, and increase and maintain our energy. Being healthily proactive also influences us to make other healthy choices. Examples include choosing to make your lunch instead of buying, or deciding to go to bed earlier to get a good rest. Of course, staying active can be a challenge, but if we work at it, it will turn into a healthy habit. Try it for yourself, and see how different your body feels when you’re active throughout the week!

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