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Kickboxing Duluth GA : Why Should We Do PushUps?

Shape Up Kickboxing Duluth GA | Have you ever been in gym class and groaned when the coach yelled push-ups? This workout may seem old school, but their results stand against time. Like back then, whoever pursues to master push-ups becomes stronger physically and mentally. As your biceps and triceps start looking great in the mirror, in order to get there, you have to develop the discipline to do push-ups consistently. What’s especially great about this workout is that they can be modified and performed on the knees, against the wall, or on an incline (or bench). However, with the latter modification, make sure the bench is stable. If you’re looking for a simple way to improve your health, consider making push-ups as part of your lifestyle.

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push-ups are a zero-cost workout.

One of the great things about push-ups is that it’s a low-maintenance workout. Equipment and gym membership are not needed. We can simply do this workout anywhere as long we have a little space.

THEY strengthen the upper-body

To begin with, push-ups make all of your muscles stronger, as they involve the arms, abdominals, shoulders, chest, and back. As a result, this workout strengthens your upper body strength, bone health, joint support, and posture.


Once you become more confident with the standard push-up, you can dive into the variety that exists! Additionally, each type of push-up may target more specific muscles. For instance, the standard pushup strengthens the upper body, core, and back. While wide hand push-ups and triangular push-ups both strengthen the upper body and core, wide hand push-ups focus more on the pectoral muscles and the triangular push-ups put emphasis on the triceps (Carpenter). And then, there are even more cool push-ups like the one-arm, Spiderman, and clapping push-ups—but don’t try these if you’re not feeling confident. For the more advanced ones, we recommend working with a trainer or coach to make sure your form is right and to prevent injury.

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Getting into the habit of exercising can be a pain—we get it! But when it comes to exercise, the positive results are endless. Even if we’re starting a new regime or looking to level up our workouts, we can always look for the small, simple actions that we can make a part of our day. That’s why aiming to make push-ups part of your daily life can be a great place to start.

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