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Shape Up Kickboxing Johns Creek GA | Are you hydrating enough? Hydration is the key for keeping the body healthy. We could dive into fun facts about how our adult bodies are 60% water and our blood being 90% water (“Fifteen“). But today, we are sharing the greatest benefits that staying hydrated brings. Generally, drinking enough water does wonders for our health like improving sleep and clearing up our skin. Most importantly, we should be making sure we’re reaching our daily water intake because our cells, tissues, and organs rely on water to function properly. And the good news? Increasing our water intake can be one positive small change to add into our day.

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five Great Benefits to Staying Hydrated

Increasing our water intake is quite beneficial because it…

1) Increases Energy and Boosts Our Mood

Have you noticed the difference when you drink a lot versus very little? Drinking enough water improves our exercise performance, while keeping us alert and awake (“Fifteen“).

2) Keeps joints lubricated

According to Medical News Today, our joints are 80% water! If we’re in the habit of being dehydrated, our joints are more sensitive to pain (“Fifteen“).

3) Flushes out toxins

Our digestive system relies on water to function properly. By being avid H2O drinkers, we promote saliva production which is responsible for digestion; decrease constipation; lower acidity in the stomach; flushes out the intestines (“5 Immune“).

4) Improves our overall immune system

As we discussed above, drinking water flushes out our systems, which includes flushing out bacteria and toxins in our bodies. Drinking water also helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body in order to stay healthy (“5 Immune“).

5) Aids in Weight Loss

Drinking water 30 minutes before a meal makes us feel less hungry. As a result, we end up not overeating and caving into snack mode (“7 Science“).

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Admittedly, reaching our daily water intake can be a challenge. But fortunately, there is variety in consuming water these days. A popular approach is adding creative combinations of fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices. We can also look at high-water containing foods like cucumbers, tomatoes, and watermelon. Other different ways include drinking tea and flavored carbonated water. Most of these alternatives are great healthy options to increase water and nutrient intake.

By aiming to make sure we are staying hydrated, we are helping to take care of our bodies, which in turn takes care of us!

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