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Kickboxing Lawrenceville Georgia — The weather can play a great factor in how we feel about working out, and as a result, we are tempted to skip. Whether it’s too hot, cold, windy, or humid, we definitely find an excuse. Recently, we talked about the Benefits of Working out in the Cold, and how people’s moods and health can increase from this environment. But unlike the need for sunscreen if walking in winter weather, we don’t need any if walking in the rain. Just bring an umbrella and wear your rainboots and coat. It might sound crazy to recommend walking in the rain, but there are a few benefits that may change your mind. The good news- you can benefit from walking outside during and after the rain.

The Benefits of Walking in the Rain


Even if you’re having a tough day, going for a walk during or after a storm will allow you to take a break from things, be inspired by nature, and enjoy peace and quiet time. The smell of rain can also calm the soul down. And because many people would rather stay indoors on rainy days, you’re able to enjoy a quiet walk if that’s what you’re craving.


Studies have shown that the air during and after a storm is cleaner. According to Kambra Clifford, a contributor for Foot Files, “The reason is that as raindrops fall through the atmosphere, they have the bility to attract hundreds of particles of pollutants like dander, soot, sulfates and bacteria before hitting the ground.” So the next time it’s raining, and you want some fresh air, take a step outside


As we shared in our blog about winter workouts, the body burns more calories when exercising in cold weather. Studies have also shown that we improve our lungs, heart, and health all around when we workout in the cold!

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If we only workout when the weather is perfect, then we wouldn’t get to be consistent with our workouts. True, you do want to exercise caution when working out in all kinds of weather, but to be completely dependent on something temperamental as the weather sends a message to our brains that it’s okay to skip workout time. But if we go workout regardless of weather, we develop better tolerance for cold, rainy weather.

And of course, if it’s too unbearable to workout in the cold or rain, come to class at Shape Up Kickboxing Lawrenceville Georgia! Our classes are indoors year round, and you’ll enjoy the cool, fresh air even more when you leave!

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