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Author: Kickboxer C. Crockett

Shape Up Kickboxing Grayson, GA| “Choose Happy”. That expression reads differently for everyone. For me, it means that I am going to make choices for myself to constantly be better. I made that choice when I decided to be physically active. In my undergraduate time at Georgia State University, I was diagnosed with depression. From that time on, I struggled with how I was going to maintain my happiness, or at least minimize my sadness.

One of my solutions that I found to aid depression was choosing to better my physical activity. Depression is a monster that you never knew to fear; it can paralyze and make you feel like happiness is a distant and forgotten memory. And when depressed, sometimes your choices don’t feel like your own. But it’s the small choices that you still have the opportunity to make and can have the biggest impact on your life.

My journey to increasing my physical activity started off as going to the gym. Shortly after I started, I quickly realized that wasn’t where I found my joy. After some exploring, I found happiness in hiking and being surrounded by nature. By enjoying what nature has to offer, I also discovered hiking is where my spirit could be replenished.

But hiking wasn’t always solution. Extreme weather and costly drives make hiking a hard last minute recluse of joy. I then found that there were ways I could remain active inside, and still give my spirit the rejuvenation it deserved. That started off as Pure Barre classes, and now I have transitioned to Shape Up Kickboxing Grayson. For the past three weeks, I have had somewhere to increase my heart rate and decrease my stress to make my body and my mind better.

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