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Shape Up Kickboxing Grayson | One way that we can improve our success is to make sure we’re taking consistent action towards our goals. We say this because our lives are shaped up by what we do consistently. Whether it’s a new workout program, hobby, or diet, whatever we start, we should aim to try to finish it. Much easier said than done, we know!

Here are a few tips on how to improve in consistent action!

1) Have a Morning Routine!

As soon as you wake up, develop a ritual that promotes self-care. A morning routine sets the tone of the day, and it can help us build good habits. If you don’t have a routine and don’t like waking up early, you can gradually work towards it. First week, set the alarm 10 mins earlier and stretch. Second week, set the alarm 20 mins earlier, stretch, and enjoy a morning walk. These are just examples! What gets you up and running for the day is up to you!

2) Focus on the Process of the Goal!

A lot of times, where we’re trying go ends up being more about the journey. When we place focus on what we need to do, the results come naturally. For example, if we’re trying to lose weight, focusing on showing up to our workout 3x a week is all we need to do. If we turn this action into consistent action, what follows through are the results.

3) Put Your Goals Where You Can See Them!

This method allows us to be consistently reminded what we’re trying to accomplish. You can write the goals on a white board, create a vision board, scribble on the bathroom mirror, a sticky note on the laptop—anywhere to where you can see your goals. Being reminded of our goals help us to stay away from distractions!

Not only does taking consistent action improve our results, it also sharpens our self-discipline. Because on the days when we don’t feel like working on our goal, we need to somehow push ourselves. To aim for consistency also encourages us to build healthy habits that will later benefit us in the long-run.

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