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Shape Up Kickboxing Duluth | Shape Up Kickboxing is a great fitness community that consists of passionate, amazing instructors and all kinds of wonderful kickboxers. With everyone who has come through our doors, we have seen every individual go from day one to where they are now, and we are cheering with them in all their successes. They work hard, bring great energy to class, and continue to inspire us every day. It’s safe to say that our community is the best because of everyone who is here. And we hope that you will feel inspired to come join us!

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Here Are 3 Ways of How You Can Benefit from the Shape Up Kickboxing Community:

The Instructors prepare the workouts and provide the equipment.
All you have to do is show up and join in on the fun! And what’s great is that the instructors take great care in planning a variety of workouts so that you won’t ever get bored. Most importantly, they also offer modified versions of all exercises and alternative workouts if needed. The instructors want to make sure that you are enjoying kickboxing safely and happily!

The Kickboxers are ready to help you.
The other kickboxers here are just like you! They have all started with their first classes and most at a beginner’s level. As they remember what it was like to be new, they love helping every newbie. Not only will they workout next to you, they will make sure your techniques are right and that you’re okay. What’s more, these people become like family, and you find yourself looking forward to class because of them!

The Instructors and Kickboxers combined make one, awesome team!
When it comes to looking for accountability, needing motivation, wanting to find a workout partner, having a bad day, or wanting to share your goal’s progress—THESE ARE THE GUYS you want to turn to! They will share your enthusiasm and understand you greatly with all the above

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The Shape Up Kickboxing Community encourages you to workout with us soon. The journey to health can be a great experience if you surround yourself with a bulletproof plan, which includes having a great community up your sleeves—or gloves!

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